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JB International

We are expertise in Foamed Concrete in India.

Our production capacity can meet out any higher volume project anywhere in India.

We are the only company having the 500 CBM production capacities per day.

We use German technology and imported 5 units of machinery with variable quantity production to attain various Foam Concrete needs.

We can provide concrete at any density due to the composition of light weight aggregates and sunken filling materials. We can also provide concrete in any thermal conductivity, Competitive and affordable.

We can pump the Foam Concrete up to 45 floors Height (150 Meters) to fulfill its versatile requirements.


Why Sunken Slab Fillings Should Be Light and Removable:

Tackling Open Sunken Slab Issues when constructing sunken slabs, it is important to carefully consider the sunken filling material used. While sunken slabs offer advantages for utility organizations and accessibility, there are drawbacks to leaving them open. Lightweight and removable sunken filling materials are essential, and here’s why:

Benefits of Light sunken Fillings

Reduced Weight: Traditional materials such as brickbats or solid concrete can add significant weight to the building structure. Lightweight sunken filling materials such as lightweight concrete, ECA, or cellular fillings reduce the dead load of the buildings. The building structure has less stress, allowing good slender design or reduced foundation requirements.

Better seismic performance: In earthquake-prone areas, lighter buildings have less seismic force, enhancing overall stability.

Less Floor Load: Light fillings place less pressure on the floor slabs above the sunken area, potentially allowing for thinner floor slabs or accommodating heavier finishes.


Despite well-planned utility layouts, unexpected maintenance needs may arise. Removable sunken filling materials like foam concrete allow for easy access to the sunken slab cavity for repairs, upgrades, or modifications to utility lines. This avoids the need for destructive demolition of the floor above, saving time and money. The sunken slab of a building can be adapted to meet future needs by utilizing right sunken slab filling materials that can be removed if necessary. This approach makes structural modifications easier if new technologies or changes in requirements arise. Open sunken under the floor lead to several problems. Pests can infest the area, moisture can accumulate, dust and debris can collect, and fire safety can be compromised. Additionally, open sunken slabs pose a safety hazard for anyone who may accidentally fall into the cavity, which is especially dangerous in areas with limited visibility or construction zones.

Foam Concrete

lightweight Foam Concrete

Product Details

Property Description
Material Type Foam Concrete
Composition Cement, Sand or Flyash, water and foaming agent
Density From 300 KG/CBM to 1600 KG/CBM
Colour Grey
  • Fast and Cheap Sunken filling Material
  • Floor Screed and Floor leveling
  • Roof Sloping mortar and insulation
  • All Lightweight Structural elements
Advantages - Lightweight
- Good thermal insulation
- Easy application
- Can be customized