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Cinder Concrete

Product Details

Property Description
Material Type Cinder Concrete
Composition Cinder Concrete
Density Ranges from 800 KG/CBM to 1600 KG/CBM
Colour Grey
Strength 5 Mpa to 25 Mpa (varies according to density)
Thermal Conductivity Moderate insulation properties due to the presence of cinders
  • Non-structural concrete
  • Landscaping
  • Road sub-base and embankments
  • Drainage applications
Advantages - Economical use of cinder waste material
- Suitable for non-load-bearing applications
- Good drainage properties
- Lightweight compared to traditional concrete

Cinder concrete contains clean well-burned coal cinders which are used as coarse aggregate. It is a material with low unit weight and often made with spherical aggregates.

The density of this concrete typically ranges from 600 to 800 kg/m³ compared with that of about 2400 kg/m³for normal weight aggregate concrete.