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Our History

JB International

JB International was found in the year 2010. We have built our reputation that puts people first by harnessing the power of relationships between our clients, partners and employees.

Since 2010 we started serving masons, builders, architects and engineers all over the India. Our operations produce foam concrete, filling material, cinder and vermiculite concrete which are used in building projects ranging from affordable housing and small, local projects to the biggest, most technically and architecturally challenging infrastructure projects. Foam concrete is mainly used for roof insulation and sunken slab filling.

As urbanization increasingly impacts people and the planet, we provide innovative products and building solutions with a clear commitment to social and environmental sustainability.


We have 5 units of Foam Concrete manufacturing machines and our supply ability is 250 CMB per day in India. We do Foam Concrete in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and all our Indian cities to all major corporate projects. Our speciality equipment’s of Foam Concrete able to pump the Foam Concrete up to 50 floors height and more than 150 meters horizontal length.


We are technically sound on Foam Concrete a material used for sunken slab filling and roof insulation, to satisfy all kind of Foam concrete needs and applications depending on the project’s need and structural requirements. We customize and supply the Foam concrete in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all Indian cities from any density ranging from 250 KG\Cubic meter to 1600KG\ cubic meter by using cement, fly ash, M sand and customize the product in every aspect of thermal insulation, Structure and for rapid speed project application. Lightweight aggregates provide structural support while reducing dead loads.

We JB International are a company that is able to supply Foam concrete to vast requirements of steel building, LGS buildings, bridge embarkment and for back filling. We are using imported equipment’s and German Technology to fulfill all types of Foam Concrete in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and all other Indian cities.


We have a genuine enthusiasm for our industry, our clients and our company culture. We believe in what we are doing and where we are going, and it is reflected in our attitudes and our work. JB International’s culture is uniquely our own. We pride ourselves on offering an innovative, inspiring and passionate atmosphere – after all, our customers are our owners. Our core values represent the qualities we look for in the people we hire, our beliefs on how we should conduct business and how we should aspire to do our very best to our customers. Our goal is to demonstrate these values at a magnitude that allows others to recognize us as leaders within our company and the industry.

Foam Concrete

lightweight Foam Concrete

Product Details

Property Description
Material Type Foam Concrete
Composition Cement, Sand or Flyash, water and foaming agent
Density From 300 KG/CBM to 1600 KG/CBM
Colour Grey
  • Fast and Cheap Sunken filling Material
  • Floor Screed and Floor leveling
  • Roof Sloping mortar and insulation
  • All Lightweight Structural elements
Advantages - Lightweight
- Good thermal insulation
- Easy application
- Can be customized