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Are you looking for a foam concrete supplier and manufacturer to construct your dream building in your city Bangalore? Don’t need to go here and there just contact JB International. We are available in Bangalore and serve you high quality and wide range of concrete products (Foam Concrete, Vermiculite Concrete, Cider Concrete, and Lightweight Concrete).


JB International engineers plunge into their customers’ requirements to come out with the right concrete solutions that will suit their needs. The company fosters innovations that meet the versatile requirements of its large customer base. In some cases customers require expertise in mixing concrete, others want equipment, while some need dedicated units to produce concrete. As such, JB International focused on providing customized solutions


JB International is Bangalore’s number 1 concrete manufacturer and supplier company, powering some of the infrastructure projects across the city. We are committed to deliver high-quality concrete using world-class technology as well as cost-effective products, to suit every demand. We not only consider our products, quality but also their artistic appeal. At JB International Concrete, design and durability go hand-in-hand. We represent a perfect merger of concrete solutions that have proven the test of time.

Foam Concrete

Product Details

Property Description
Material Type Foam Concrete
Composition Cement, Sand or Flyash, water and foaming agent
Density From 300 KG/CBM to 1600 KG/CBM
Colour Grey
Strength 1Mpa to 10 Mpa (varies according to density)
Thermal Conductivity Good insulation properties due to low density
  • Sunken filling
  • Insulation material
  • Soundproofing
  • Lightweight Structural elements
Advantages - Lightweight
- Good thermal insulation
- Easy application
- Can be customized