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JB International is the best and growing brand of foam concrete supplier in Cochin, Kerala. We have built our reputation that puts people first by harnessing the power of relationships between our clients, partners and employees.

We are providing our buyer a terrific first-class variety of Foam Generator Lightweight Concrete. These are made by very high-quality materials which guarantees excessive sturdiness and durability. We are making a reputation in market with our high-class product which has customers trust and our commitment to give highest durable product.

Different sizes and designs we effortlessly makes available for our customers in the market. Our Foam Generator Lightweight Concrete are also giving best value to customers with its price range.

Foam Concrete

Product Details

Property Description
Material Type Foam Concrete
Composition Cement, Sand or Flyash, water and foaming agent
Density From 300 KG/CBM to 1600 KG/CBM
Colour Grey
Strength 1Mpa to 10 Mpa (varies according to density)
Thermal Conductivity Good insulation properties due to low density
  • Sunken filling
  • Insulation material
  • Soundproofing
  • Lightweight Structural elements
Advantages - Lightweight
- Good thermal insulation
- Easy application
- Can be customized