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JB International is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of builders, architects and engineers’ products- Foam concrete in Hyderabad.

Our operations produce foam concrete, filling material, cinder and vermiculite concrete which are used in building projects ranging from affordable housing and small, local projects in Hyderabad Telangana. We focus on reliability, consistency, trust, traceability, transportation support and other value-added services. We have made infrastructure investments from years including:

• Our product is Light weight: Because of its low density, it is good for reducing building load
• Automated construction, Compatible with filler course, and reduce cracking possibility because, both insulation and filler course are fully made of cement.

Our integrated Cement business, operated by our manufacturing unit in Hyderabad, is one of the largest foam concrete products producers in the South India with current production. Our average production is over 50,000 kgs/concrete unit/year, almost twice the average makes us one of the most efficient of the highest quality foam concrete producers. We ensure a full-cycle production, we grow house, commercial space and customers trusts.

Since 2010, JB International has become one of the best concrete-making company in the Hyderabad.

Foam Concrete

Product Details

Property Description
Material Type Foam Concrete
Composition Cement, Sand or Flyash, water and foaming agent
Density From 300 KG/CBM to 1600 KG/CBM
Colour Grey
Strength 1Mpa to 10 Mpa (varies according to density)
Thermal Conductivity Good insulation properties due to low density
  • Sunken filling
  • Insulation material
  • Soundproofing
  • Lightweight Structural elements
Advantages - Lightweight
- Good thermal insulation
- Easy application
- Can be customized