Foam Concrete

Filling ,levelling applications

1. JB international supplies foam concrete to all the Lightweight Filling requirements and Areas such as Sunken areas, floor levelling with massive speed, roof insulations, bridge embarkments, landscaping, back filling, podium, trench, reinstatement, pipelines in floorings, cable packing, ducts and all the areas where the structural load to be reduced.

2. Foam concrete which JB international supplies is the green product and for green building products approved by Indian green building councils and FROM LEAD.FOAM CONCRETE replaces aggregates WITH AIR BUBBLES AND save the environment in outstanding manner.

3. Light Weight: Because of its low density it is good in reducing building load.

Thermal insulation applications

1. Thermal conductivity from 0.07 W/M.K. It is 20-30 times better than normal cement products.

2. Heat resistance ability reaches 250-300 degrees high, polystyrene board softens at 75 degrees.

3. The life time of foam concrete and its counterpart is incomparable. Foam concrete life time is 100 years. There is no shrinkage and it has the attitude of concrete.

Acoustics benefit

1. Soundproof: Foam concrete is constructed by numerous evenly distributed independent closed-cells therefore; its noise reduction noise ability is 0.09-0.19%. It is 5 times better than its counterpart, normal cement products. It is a solution for noise irritation


1. Free Flowing: Spreads to flow all voids, no need of compaction and vibration

2. Earthquake Resistance, Electrical Encapsulation, Fire Resistant, neither ignitable; nor not deformable, Anti corrosion and acid resistant, Excellent resistant to freeze thaw.

3. Volatile Free: As self levelling product it ensures the floor levelling where the vast area of flooring challenging in levels.

4. Foam Concrete enhances flooring insulation’s stability through its compression strength and its chemical makeup.

5. Environmental Friendly Product: Foam Concrete is composed of only Air and cement.

6. Hence it is neither toxic nor harmful: However, polystyrene and some other chemical materials release some types of harmful gas and will shrink within 3 years.

7. Automated construction, compatible with filler course and reduce cracking possibility.

8. Eliminates cracking possibilities when carrying heavy loads.

9. Resistant against corrosion and chemical, electrical fire insulation, packing and pest control at required area of roof slabs, floorings, walls, doors and accordingly.

10. Levelling Layer: The areas where compaction is not possible, stabilizing soil, embankment slopes, grouting for tunnel work.

11. It is a versatile material for residential and industrial construction and can be used for various requirements.

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